Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Vintage Christmas Greetings

I realize we still have November to get through but I've been spending some time looking at vintage Christmas cards.  Some of them are so lovely that it got me thinking that it might be a nice idea to have a vintage Christmas card swap.   While pursing Christmas cards,  I noticed many Thanksgiving greetings.  I had no idea how big Thanksgiving greeting cards used to be.  Very interesting!

If anyone is interested in swapping vintage Christmas greetings around the beginning of December, please drop me an email or comment below.   I figure if I plant the seed early it may give some of you some time to think about it and look for some vintage greeting cards.   Of course these vintage cards, may already have postmarks and greetings from a previous owner but that makes it all the more fun!

I just love Christmas time and the festiveness it brings.

Vintage Christmas Post Card circa 20's. Post Card from France.

Check out this card.  When I saw the name Mrs. Van, I thought it was a perfect greeting card as Van is in my last name.  This card is from 1930.  So, I am also a Mrs. Van <smile>


  1. What splendidly pretty vintage Christmas cards! I love yesteryear greeting cards, too, but confess to not really owning any. When I was little though, we had this fantastic elderly couple who lived down the street from us named Fern and Flo, and one year Flo gave us a little plastic bag teaming full of delightful mid-century Christmas cards. I loved them all so much and enjoyed putting them up each year on the roll top desk that stood in our front entryway. Sadly, I believe those cards have long been lost to the hands of time, yet whenever I see vintage Christmas cards, they're still what I think of first.

    Your idea of a card swap is fantastic! I'd love to take part, but was wondering if it would be breaking the rules to send a handmade (by me) card that had a strong vintage vibe to it?

    ♥ Jessica

  2. LOL I am already thinking about Christmas too hehehe I love those cards-so pretty! xox

  3. I need ideas, I have an entire box of vintage Christmas and birthday cards.

    1. How awesome! I hope you showcase a few. They are so interesting to see.

  4. I will, my husband's grandmother didn't throw anything away, so I have all of her old birthday cards, Easter and Christmas from the 1940's, they are so cute.

  5. Nice christmas cards! i love them!