Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vintage Coats and Post Cards

I may be MIA for a few days depending on how the hurricane effects us.  We are bracing for a few days without power.  Hopefully, I'll get some reading time in:)

I bought these vintage fashion postcards on ebay.  It looks like they are fall weather fashions.  There are some great coats.  Don't you wish you could buy coats like these in the shops today?  They are all so cheaply made.  Why does clothing have to only be made to last one season?  One thing I really like about vintage fashion is that a lot of it was "Made In The USA".   It's so nice to see this on clothing since we so rarely see it nowadays.  I hope there can be a trend towards bringing more clothing manufacturing back.  I'd much rather pay a premium for something "Made In The USA".  I wonder if Kohls even has anything that is "Made In The USA" in clothing.

 I have no idea how I found these post cards among all the things that pass through ebay.  I thought they were really interesting.  I think it is really interesting that I found them as a set.  If you liked a particular outfit, you mailed back the postcard and viola the outfit would be mailed to you. There are no dates on these cards but I'm guessing this is mid to late 40's.   So which outfit would you like? Anyone else have postcards from department stores advertising fashion?  Montgomery Ward's has some really nice fashion postcards.

Example of a back on one of the post cards:

And, speaking of fabulous coats I would be remiss if I didn't mention this one.  Wow!!  What a show stopper!!  I don't really have anything with a leopard print in my wardrobe but I'd certainly make an exception for this one.     This is a custom made coat from the 40's.  Look at the condition!  It's on etsy through MillStreetVintage for $825.  Every time I look at it ...I just think how fabulous it is!  It actually looks like it belongs in a museum next to a Dior coat.   I don't think you could walk down the street without double takes.  Start saving up ladies!   You know what someone just bought this coat as I was finishing up this blog entry.  I don't think it was up for more than a couple of hours.  Congratulations to the luck lady!  Lovely, lovely, lovely!

Also, another sale to mention, FabGabs on Etsy is having a 50% clearance on some items. 


  1. I have two vintage inspired coats and one plus sized 50s coat, I'd love to sell eventually. I know what you mean about coats now. A family member just gave my sister and I some winter and fall coats, so lucky cause I needed a new one this year, after I got one last year. UGH!!!

    I love Fabgabs, but some of there items, even on sale, are sooooooooooo expensive.

  2. I've never seen these kinds of postcards before. Nifty! Thanks for sharing. I'm so in love with the darling fur collars and those little shoes that are like saddle shoes but not.

  3. Love the postcards, great idea too!

  4. As you can imagine, I rather adore each and every one of these splendidly pretty vintage looks, but I think my absolute favourite is the fur collared, double breasted winter coat. There's no style of coat I love more than princess cut ones, and that gem of a cold weather topper certainly has a princess cut to it.

    Thank you very much for sharing these amazing postcards with us, dearest Joanna - it was such an awesome treat to look at them.

    ♥ Jessica