Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lilli Ann Holiday Wishes

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Lilli Ann

Of course if you follow my blog, you will know that I adore Lilli Ann and this designer has become intwined in my vintage collection.  I wanted to share with you some ad matches.  As I find more in the future, I'll post additional entries.

My interest is Lilli Ann up until the late 1950's, after this I feel the Lilli Ann line changed.  I'm all about tailoring and glamour of earlier Lilli Ann.   For a future post, I will show some Lilli Ann dresses I've seen in scouring the internet.  It appears these are more rare to come by and that the main focus of Lilli Ann company was coats and suits.

All you have to do is type "Lilli Ann" and you will be bombarded by amazing suits and coats!  Lilli Ann is highly collectable and when a key ensemble comes on the market, they are quickly swiped up especially the earlier apparel.  The style and fit of Lilli Ann is classic and timeless.  There is a certain glamour that fits the era and transends to the present, if you are fortunate to find a Lilli Ann.  I've worn many suits when I was working in the corporate world but when I put on a vintage Lilli Ann, it's a different feeling. There is a sense of art and design about this clothing line.  Lilli Ann advertised a lot in vintage fashion magazines like Bazaar and Vogue in the 40's to the early 60's.

MyVintageVogue has some great ad images of Lilli Ann clothing.

Do any of you have a Lilli Ann coat or suit?

Brief History of Lilli Ann:

The Lilli Ann Company began in San Francisco in 1934.  Adolph Schuman started the company and named it after his wife Lillian.  According to Vintage Fashion Guild, Schuman went to Paris after WWII and started adding "Paris" to the label.  He bought many textiles from French companies after the war and helped saved many from closing.  He helped to show European weavers how to modernize their systems.  Schuman died in 1985 and the company closed by 2000.  Some Lilli Ann suits also contain the name "Adolph Schuman".   Schuman, through his Paris connection, gained contacts with such fashion masters as Channel and Balenciaga.  It is said that Balenciaga anonymously contributed design ideas for the Lilli Ann line as a personal favor to Schuman.  Lilli Ann clothing was made from the best textiles imported from France and Italy.

These two Lilli Ann pieces below look like they have the Balenciaga edge:

I love this suit below.  Doesn't it have an ode to Edwardian theme about it?   The angles are    

   phenomenal and certainly has a couture feel about it.  This suit sold on ebay in 2011 $300.

From "Salon of Dames":

Below is my focus on matching ads to Lilli Ann garments:

Matching Ads to Actual Vintage Lilli Ann Piece

Lilli Ann Fall 1951 (Source: My Vintage Vogue)

Bought through Posh Girl Vintage Lilli Ann Blazer:

Early 1960's source PinTuckStyle

Image from Bess Georgette

Unsure of time period, Image courtesy of Denise Brain (wish I could have nabbed this one.)

Coat Ad from Flicker 1954 Lilli Ann

Recently sold on ebay $484

Match at VintageSurburbia

My Vintage Vogue 1952 Lilli Ann

Sold on Vintageous for $395 

Vintage ad from Couture Allure

Recently sold ebay  $295

Vintage ad from Harper's Bazaar 1963

 ebay $148 (original price $100 in 1963 dollars)

Image from Flicker

Lilli Ann Suit Past Perfect Vintage

Lilli Ann Ad 1949

A recent pick-up for me great Lilli Ann coat 1949, shown here 

I hope you all enjoyed the Lilli Ann journey.  If any of you have any Lilli Ann suits, I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Oh my everything is so lush and beautiful! I love how you match outfits to the ad-thats such a unique approach to vintage! Will keep my eyes peeled if I see anything!! xox

  2. Amazing, I love how you found the matching adds fro each suit or coat.

  3. I really love how you searched for modern images of the actual items. It's so nice to see Lilli Ann in the adds you've also provided for us, but those color images of her pieces...WOW!! I love the fabrics!

  4. A lovely dose of classic, beautiful clothes! Thankyou!

  5. What a fabulously lovely post. The elegance, timeless fashion, and unrivaled mid-century beauty here is through the roof. Though I don't own any of her amazing creations, I've always adored Lilli Ann's fashions, too, and really hope to be able to follow in your footsteps one day and own an original Lilli Ann creation of my own.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I agree with everyone of we're all 60+, those youngsters just don't have any taste...

  7. I would love to own a coat like your black coat with the large collar/lapels. So I had a look at Posh Girls
    By jove, there were some beautiful pieces. Also a similar (although less perfect) black coat, still for sale. Unfortunately I am size 14 - bust 41" / waist 31" and the coat was bust 42" and waist 32". Which I think is too little as my measurements are done on bare skin.
    Buying such a thing will be quite a risk anyway as it has to be shipped to The Netherlands.
    I noticed that lots of things on that site were sold already.