Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year A New Dress Part 1

I have been meaning for many months to make a dress from a pattern.  I'd like to take you all along on my dress journey.  I will keep you posted as I progress.   I bought this pattern from Eliza M's because I wanted a current pattern and wanted to ease myself into the dress making experience.   I love to sew so this should be a fun experience for me.  I used to make quilts so I have no excuse about a sewing machine and threads.

I'm labeling my dress progress so that I shall be held accountable and actually do this <smile>.

I bought the pattern a few months ago and immediately set out looking for vintage rayon material. I wanted a pattern with polka dots.  I figured this would be a nice neutral start.  I didn't want to do anything with too much pattern for my first attempt at a dress.  I came across the below polka dot print and only paid $18 for six yards.  This shop has some very inexpensive fabrics.  I'm thinking red would be smashing color for this style dress but maybe for the next one. I also have more than enough for mistakes lol.

So, this also brings me to another item of discussion.  I started also to look at vintage patterns.  I came across Vogue Original patterns which had famous designers of the day contribute designs to pattern for home sewing.  I was shocked at the price that some of these "just patterns" command!
Check out this Jacques Fath dress pattern that just sold for $260, for the pattern!  Most of the patterns in the Vogue Original line by designers are running around $50 for patterns from the 50's.

When I has looking up these Vogue Original patterns, I came across a BIN for the one below just listed for $15 so this shall be my next venture.  I am very intrigued by these patterns from famous designers of the day.

Did you know they also have patterns attributed to famous movie stars of the day?  I'd love to try a 30's Carole Lombard dress!  This one is for sale on etsy right now.  I am hoping to find a cheap one on ebay one day.


  1. If you love vogue patterns, try their reproduction patterns line. I believe they even have a couple of 1930's patterns.

  2. I am also starting a slew of sewing projects with the new year. Good luck!!


  3. That's so exciting, dear Joanna! Love the classic polka dot fabric you went it with - so timelessly pretty. It's amazing what some patterns go for these days! I too have seen a few that sold for more than $200 and wonder, in recent years, what the absolute most was a vintage pattern fetched?

    ♥ Jessica