Monday, January 21, 2013

Fashion Inspiration Vogue October 1952

A trip to October 1952, via Vogue:
Ready for glamour?

Hattie Carnegie ball gown...fabulous!  Don't you wonder where all these ladies went so decked out?  I wonder if it was weekly trips to the Stork Club.  

Please sign me up for this princess coat.  Hat is perfect too.  This is the difficulty with these vintage magazines, I can only look and not see these gems in person!

Great idea about scatter pins on the belt, I shall use this idea in the future:)  The photograph is taken by Rawlings so of course, it's perfection!  Amazing how a simple composition can imply such elegance.

Great Lilli Ann ad, this was the first time I've seen this suit.  I also added it to Pinterest in case any of you would like to follow.  In all honesty though, I don't think I would like to personally own this particular suit but I love this ad and of course have the utmost appreciation for Lilli Ann!  Pose is perfect!

I love gauntlet gloves <sigh>.

He's so cute, I'd take him home to mom too!

What a great cover!  Figured I'd also through this into the mix.  I think it's 1945.  I'll have to double check.


  1. To be so glamorous. Or wait, how about to have a place to go that would entail dressing so glamorous.

  2. All pictures in VOGUE or in our french L'OFFICIEL are just perfection!!!!
    Look at this link, you will spend hours to look at all pictures:

    1. Oh my! This is certainly a keeper bookmark. It's so nice because you don't have to buy these magazines. I know there is but I wish there was a free site with complete magazines.

  3. I love all of these old ad's you have found. I would also take home the mink add gentleman. So dapper!


  4. All quite lovely. I am also taking note of the idea of adding scatter pins to dresses at the belt. We surely have more taste than wardrobe budget!

    1. I love this idea so much that I think I'll do a future post about scatter pins:)

  5. Looking at such pretty vintage ad's is really a pleasure. And it reduces the effects of the Black Monday :)


  6. Ready for glamour? Always! :) Especially when it's off the early 1950s variety. Ahhh, how fashions like this set my heart aflutter and inspire my fashion choices year after year after year. Thank you for the splendid journey back to 1952, I absolutely adored it.

    ♥ Jessica