Friday, January 18, 2013

Vintage Finds

I went back to the consignment store today to try to sell some clothing and I was really quite surprised at the amount of things she wouldn't accept...geeze.  I ended up consigning two pairs of shoes and two pieces of clothing, not much.  I guess ebay is the way to go!  So, I'm going to sell a few things on there.  It's not really vintage items I'm looking to sell but there are some nice brand names like Eileen Fisher.

One of the jackets I wanted to consign had a tiny hole in it not that big of a deal.  I didn't even notice it until it was pointed out.  It is rather tiny.  But, then it got me spooked about moths.  Has anyone ever had moth damage in their house?  I really don't believe I have this problem as it was one tiny hole and the jacket was hanging in my bedroom closet and the small hole really could have been from anything but it did get me thinking about moths.  I'd sure not like it if they attacked something of value.  But, I would think you'd actually see them?  It also seems like this is more of a problem of the past  than present day?  I guess this is something to understand more but it does creep me out lol.

Anyways back to vintage finds:

I wanted to share with you what I bought yesterday.

Yellow scarf -vintage shop  $10
Vintage hat with nice rhinestone clips -vintage shop $38
Vintage yellow tone rhinestones brooch -consignment shop $12

Amazing how the brooch and the hat clips both seemed to match:)

Vintage shop pictures taken on my phone:  

Not the greatest of picture quality but gives you an impression of the local vintage shop near where I live.  I'd say this is mainly a vintage 70s and 80s but the jewelry section was eclectic.   I don't go too often because it is more 70s and 80s but it's always fun to have a bit of a rummage.

Ms. Boop greeting you on the way in:

The dresses were mainly 80s but they did have a small section on 40s and 50s but there wasn't anything that particularly interested me.  I would certainly say that if you were looking for a prom dress this would be an excellent place to check out.

A lovely 50's dress.

Tons of jewelry to look at:


  1. I have clean my wardrobe and choose to sell about 150 to 200 items... but selling on Ebay or Etsy is a long and hard work... For moths, I never had any problem, but I so afraid that I added cedar and lavander everywhere!!!
    Even if this vintage store is not the best, you have one... the closest store to my home is more than 200km!!!!

    1. Wow, you should start an Etsy store:)) I think spraying lavender everywhere would be glorious this is such a soothing scent. I love to put some on my pillow and just breathe away:)

      If you find yourself near NYC, just let me know. I haven't done much thrifting in the city but I'm sure there are a lot of small thrift boutiques. I bet there are some nice ones in Greenwich Village.

    2. My last trip in NYC was in 2010, I thought that price increased a lot in vintage shoppes there! A lot of nice things but I only bought a sweater and my husband a jacket... In 2003, I remmember to habe bought a full suitcase of vintage there!!!
      Our next US trip will be this march but in West Coast.

  2. I need to say that I love your hat! :)
    And about moths - I have had a moth problem in my former flat, so I can share some experience :) First of all, if you have moths, you would see them - they are quite big, like a small fly, so they are easy visible. So if you don't see any little creature flying out from your closet, there are probably no moths. Second thing is they like wool the most - so browse your woolen things carefully to ensure if they are moth-free. The sad news is that's very hard to get rid of them. "My" moths lived in a bag where knitting yarns were stored and the only solution was to throw away all this yarn and a bag.
    But if you don't see any moths around your house, I think they are not your problem :)


    1. Thank you Monica this really helps me to understand. I bet it must have been quite frustrating to lose all your knitting yarns!

    2. To be precise, those were my mother's yarns - I was in my pre-teens when all this moth-stuff happened

  3. What a great store hun! Lucky you! and I love the outfit above-very 30s!!! xox

  4. You did very well! The hat looks great on you, too. You certainly have a way with hats.

    I want those sparkly shoes in the background of the photo with the rings. They are amazing!

    Lastly, I got the bracelet in the mail about a week ago. Thanks so much! I'll be posting about it soon but things are a little insane right now.

  5. You sure picked up some gems! That hat & brooch were destined for one another!

    And I really wouldn't worry about moths unless you actually see ones flying about. If it does become a problem, I can certainly give you pointers. I had a Goodwill-bins find 30s sweater perpetrator bring in some "friends" earlier this year, and war was declared. I certainly learned a few things about what works and what doesn't. But now my wardrobe is fully stocked with cedar blocks so they don't come on a return visit:) I'm sure you're fine though! Deep breath!

    1. I think cedar and lavender sound like great ideas. I'm going to get a couple of blocks next time I'm at the house ware shop. Thank you:)

  6. I am completely paranoid about moths and try to keep my closet door shut all the time to help reduce the risk of one getting in. The notion of them nibbling on and potentially damaging my vintage garments sends a chill up my spine. I use natural cedar moth repelants, but like to do a general check every month or two to make sure I don't see any moth nibbles (that weren't there on the garments when I got them, I mean) on my clothes. Thankfully such as has never happened.

    On a more upbeat note, I adore your outfit! As my mom and I were just disusing earlier this week, yellow can be such a difficult colour to look good in, but this warm shade is positively stunning on you. Yellow really is one of your colours, my dear friend.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you Jessica. I like to use yellow as a "break" color. I don't think I could wear a completely yellow dress:) You are so smart for keeping an eye out on your clothes. I'm now going to do this. With vintage, you never quite know the history of your garments and I'd hate to have "extra friends" come in too! Also, you have to think about bed bugs! I just thought of this. This is scary if you get these. I've heard of a few people picking them up at hotels and bringing them home. This is just horrible.

  7. You've been a lovely beret, and a beautiful scarf. You look beautiful with them. That beautiful shop, you lose many hours on it. :)

  8. darl go to my blog and search on 'vintage garment care' there's a tutorial there. Also go search on the blog 'circa vintage clothing' she has an excellent tutorial there on clothing moths