Monday, February 25, 2013

Finger Wave Will It Work?

I've been really interested in deco fashion of late and I thought it would be fun to try a finger wave.   I've been also fascinated with the movies of the 20's and 30's.  Gloria Swanson is my new movie screen fascination.  Boy, did she exude glamour.  Remarkable, beautiful woman.  More on this icon in a future post.

This will be my very first attempt at finger waves and I'm not expecting grandeur.  If I get a small little flitter of a wave, I'll be happy.

I went to Sally's Beauty Supply over the weekend and picked up some wave clips and gel.  I think the wave clips will make all the difference.  I also watched a few tutorials on YouTube but boy can they get complicated..sweep your hair this way, sweep your hair that way while holding fingers in place...holy moley!   I think this is the easiest and best tutorial.  

It was also funny while I was in Sally's there was a beautician (another customer) in there who knew how to do finger waves so if I'm a total failure I'm going to her salon for her to show me.   The sales lady who worked the Sally's counter was actually quite rude and unknowledgeable.  I told her I was looking for a liquid styling gel to do finger waves and I didn't remember the name of what I wanted and she was telling me should couldn't really help me then and she said all she had was a Queen Helene Styling Gel and she walked away from me without showing me where it was. Very rude.  I did find the gel and I am trying this along with a Garnier Fructis Gel that I learned about from Haute Rocakabilly Fashionista.  She also has a fabulous tutorial on her blog here.   HRN, please come to my house and do my hair!  I don't think I put in enough gel but we shall find out soon enough:)

Anyways, I digress... here is my latest creation of wave clips and alligator clips (as they call them)...stay tuned to see if anything of interest occurs lol.


  1. FUN! Can't wait to see the results.


  2. The few times I attempted finger waves I've used Garnier hair gel and it seemed to work fine. I used a lot the first time because I was afraid it wouldn't hold my hair, which is very long. I applied the gel and did my best to set the waves with bobby pins and hair clips (I didn't have any long clips at the time) When my hair dried I had very stiff waves but when I gently brushed them out I had nice soft finger waves. It does take practice so don't get discouraged if you don't like the results the first time around!

  3. Love to see the result!

    Rude store personnel can really annoy me. Especially when they ingore me because they're too busy with their smartphones.

  4. I have one wave clip and have yet to use it. Sorry to hear you had a rude employee at Sally's. When I last stopped in, the people locally were quite helpful. Anyway, I look forward to seeing what you have come up with.

  5. I can't wait to see how it works! I have some vintage wave clips like those but I can't get it quite right yet! I just practiced the other day and got a few decent waves but still not perfect. Can't wait to see how yours turned out!!

  6. Ohhhh how neat that you are doing this and so brave! I have yet to venture into the 30s when I still don't have the 40s down yet hehehe I cannot wait to see the after photos!! Yeah! xox

  7. Of course I will come to your house and do your hair. I CANNOT wait to see how it turned out! I am sure you did a great job.


  8. I cant wait to see the end result!

  9. Oooh, this is intriguing! I haven't ever tried them myself as I was a bit too intimidated, but I'm excited to see what works for you. I'm off to check out that tutorial on you tube now! ;-)

  10. For all intents, I've never ventured into waving territory, though feel a stronger urge to try it - at least once - more and more with each passing year. Kudos on attempting glamorous waves, dear Joanna, I can hardly wait to see how your first try turned out.

    ♥ Jessica