Friday, February 8, 2013

Vintage Suits And Accessories

Well, today there is tons of snow falling but yesterday,  I had the opportunity to take these photographs.  It's so lovely with the snow falling, clinging onto the branches of the bushes and trees like a postcard picture.  The only thing I am hoping doesn't happen is losing power.  Ever since I lost power for about a week with the hurricane in October, I have fear of losing power:)  

I wanted to share some images of a recent suit I bought for my Dior adventure.   I wanted to capture images of this suit before I begin experimenting on it.  I have this great vintage pattern on making padding and I intend to add this to the jacket.  If any of you are interested, it is Vogue Pattern 7503 and it gives you patterns for the padding of the shoulders on suits, dresses, blouses, and dress hip pads.  I hope this will work for my intended vision.  I bought this 40s suit from Etsy for $50.

I had a little problem yesterday with static on my skirt so pardon the cling on some of the images.  Luckily, there are no small pink socks from my daughter attached to the skirt because of static:)

All items are vintage 50's or earlier, except the bracelet (thinking 60's).

Suit - Etsy $50
Vintage Chiffon Scarf - I think Etsy 
Vintage umberella (50's) -Ebay
Earrings/Necklace -Ebay  $5
Gloves -Vintage shop Michigan
Shoes -Thrifted
Bracelet - $15 Ebay

If you really look at ebay, there are some really great finds for vintage jewelry.

I just love vintage umbrellas as you can see from some of my previous posts.  I feel like they add a touch of style.

I thought the inside of the jacket was interesting with a white and brown polka dot print.

I wasn't able to capture my earrings or necklace that I was wearing.   I wanted to share a detailed image as I was rather proud of finding this on ebay for $5.00 (shipped).  I'm thinking late 40's early 50's.  The quality is really nice with this set and love the different color combinations.

You know how there are certain ads that just catch your attention.  Well, this one has.  Ever since I saw this ad for a Lisner necklace below, I was enthralled by it and have been trying to hunt  down this necklace.  I haven't come across this exact necklace (yet) but I thought the one above was quite similar...don't you?   I still hope one day to also track this necklace down.  It is from Vogue 1948.   I know, good luck, right?  

I've also added these new pins to Pinterest:

Lilli Ann Ad February 1956 Vogue.  Sign me up ten times for that suit!  I haven't seen an actual one before listed.

A dress with the exact matching umbrella?  Talk about coordination:)  Vogue in the later 1940's sure had a lot of eye candy.


  1. You look divine! The polka dot lining made me love that jacket even more! Beautiful!


  2. You look magnificent! This soft, elegant cafe latte-esque hue is fantastic on you, and seems like such a terrific choice to wear as we start looking towards spring's return and a lighter colour palette. I'm completely smitten with your vintage umbrella, the gorgeous gloves, the suit - you name it, I love it. These wonderful adds, too, will be inspiring me for ages!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. That gorgeous dress, love the color tone and design. You look beautiful and super stylish.

  4. Oh, love that jacket and the lining is amazing!! Wishing you a happy snow day with no power outages!! :)

  5. That suit is so beautiful and fits you perfectly.

  6. This is quite an ensemble. I really do love how you show the contrasting photos of color and black and white. I love how dramatic black and white photos are.

    1. Thank you ladies for the thoughtful comments:) It makes my snowy day:))

    2. I'm so sorry Josep:))) A big thank you to you too:))

  7. Joanna...the suit is divine. Love the color. It looks perfect on you.

  8. Don't you just love lined jackets? I think that is my favorite part of a jacket .. lol.

    Lovely pictures. You have the perfect waist for vintage clothing.


  9. awesome suit!!! great buy!!!! the colour looks adorable on you.

  10. Such a classically tailored look and I really like that you went with green accent earrings. I wouldn't have thought to do that, but they really work rather well!