Thursday, February 7, 2013

Knit Dress and Jacques Fath Scarf

I wore this knit dress for the vintage train expedition a couple months back but since it was so cold,  I wore my coat the entire time and didn't get any pictures taken of the dress.  This dress is a perfect wardrobe staple and  is very timeless.   You wouldn't think 1940's.  I had been wanting a nice decent knit dress as a wardrobe staple piece and I happened upon this dress on etsy and I'm very happy with it.  It has a side metal zipper and one up towards near the collar area.  It's difficult to find a really good quality 30s, 40s knit dress that is under $100.

This scarf was a steal-of-a-deal on ebay.  I've been using this fabulous scarf all winter and I think this is the vintage item that I am currently getting the most use out of.  It's long and free flowing and the pattern is so me.  The pattern is dancing ladies and men in sillouette. The scarf is Jacques Fath.  I'm not quite sure how old it is but I know that I love it:)  You know that you have a winner when both your mother and your six-year old daughter tell you that they wish they could have it.   I hope one day to have a nice Jacques Fath staple in my wardrobe but until then, this accessory certainly fits the bill.  

I am going to do a future post on Eisenberg jewelry as they are certainly my jeweler of choice.  Listen to me I sound like I'm talking about Cartier or Van Cleef.   Although many pieces are pricey for Eisenberg, you can still pick up earrings for around $20.  I think this is what I paid for mine and they are from the 40's and still very much sparkle and shine.   I think there are just some things that you should pay the extra buck to get the best quality from and Eisenberg is one of those gems.  In addition, Eisenberg holds it's value.  It's a very recognized name in the vintage costume jewelry world.  It's amazing new world opening up to me:)   I really do feel I'd much rather own a piece of quality vintage jewelry than something from the current day.  I feel like there is a big art to jewelry making that has been lost in the present day, especially with costume jewelry.  It's like it's meant to last for a few months and so cheaply made.  I'd much rather spend the same amount on a 50's brooch.

In some upcoming posts, I will be exploring more vintage jewelry designers.

30's, 40's Tilt Hat:  Etsy
40's Dress: Etsy (Designer: Merley) $90
Scarf: Ebay under $20 Jacques Fath.
Braclet, Earrings:  Eisenberg

I think it is always rather interesting to show the black and white picture against it's color counter part.


  1. That is a truly amazing hat Joanna, let me know if you ever want to sell it!!

  2. What a wonderfully lovely, sophisticated ensemble. I adore your scarf - the pattern is the perfect blend of elegant and whimsically sweet. Can't wait to read more about some of your thoughts on vintage jewelry designers.

    Wishing you a beautiful Friday, sweet friend,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I really like the vertical pattern on the dress! Very pretty.

  4. What a gorgeous hat, and it was made to be worn with that dress, lovely!

  5. Beautiful scarf and brooch. You are one classy lady!

  6. I had not heard of Eisenberg but I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for them now as your earrings are so lovely.

    I'd like to see a photo of your new favorite scarf in it's entirety if possible. Mostly from my own curiosity.

    I love that knit dress on you. It was like it was made just for you.

    Hope you are surviving the news blizzard. Stay warm!


    1. I'm surviving so far. Still have my power:) Keeping my fingers crossed:)

  7. Beautiful, classic dress. Perhaps next time you can take a picture of the whole scarf? It looks so pretty that I wanted to see the whole scarf :)


  8. Thank you ladies. If there is good light, I shall take a picture of the whole scarf:)

  9. I wrote a comment yesterday, but I think something went wrong. I adore this dress, I love knitted dresses. They are so stylish!

    One day I hope I'll knit one myself, because I have some gorgeous dress patterns. But I feel like a kind of project like that would be too time consuming. But just seeing your pictures makes me want one so eagerly.

  10. OMG! The black dress is divine! Absolutely stunning!

  11. So gorgeous! The hat is breathtaking! The whole look is so elegant, classy and dramatic, I love it! Sara, xx