Friday, April 12, 2013

In The Family

I thought I'd share with you today a lovely blazer that my aunt knitted for herself at least 35 years ago. She made this blazer based upon a pattern from the 40's.  You can tell that this yarn would have been difficult to work with and require a lot of skill to knit with.  I love the stories behind clothing and my aunt  told me that the cashmere blend came from the Yorkshire Dales and the buttons and gold mesh are from France.  She told me of the times she missed her "pub" outings to finish making this blazer and she had it lined so that it would wear more easily.  It really is a lovely blazer and I'm happy she decided that I should have this.  The beaded blouse is also vintage but I'm not quite sure if I like them together or not.

The USA site of Orla Kiely is having a 50% off sale on Pre-Spring.   Her clothing has such a retro appeal love the dresses.  Stay tuned to see what I splurged on!   I'm just waiting for those latest knit wear  SS13 ensembles to go on sale, love the Flower Spot Half Milano Dress but I'm sure either Kate or Pippa will wear it and forget finding it on sale lol.


  1. That is stunning Joanna! What a keeper! And oohhhh cannot wait to see what you snatched! Love sales hehe xox

  2. I can't believe that your aunt knitted that sweater. She is very, very talented and you are just as lucky to have inherited so a lovely item!

    I am looking forward to seeing what you splurged on... I personally love the cloud dress.

  3. Beautiful jacket, I'm always amazed at knitting .. probably because I can do it.

    Love the Orla Kiely store ! I like the Silk Crepe Riviera Print Sleeveless Dress.


  4. What a beautiful family heirloom your aunt created in knitting this incredible jacket. It suits you and your refined, elegant style perfectly, dear Joanna (and I rather like the blouse you partnered it with here).

    ♥ Jessica

  5. What an unusual vintage piece, looks wonderfully warm!

  6. WOW!!!!!!! Not only is this one of the most sensational vintage sweaters, but your relative knitted this! How wonderful is it that you are able to preserve it?! :D