Friday, April 19, 2013

Vintage Shopping

I had to be in the city today and it just happened to be on the day that the Manhattan Vintage Show is on.   I haven't been before and I'll certainly go again in the future.   This is a very well run show.  My problem was that I had to bring my children and their attention span is very limited so it was a bit frustrating because I really wanted to spend some time relishing in the details and this wasn't possible.  It's difficult for me to make it into the city and I don't go very often so I wanted to seize this opportunity.  I figured even if I had a quick look around, it would be fun anyways.

I had to be quick and fast with my looking.  As one vendor pointed out, "Boy, you are brave."   I think she was right.  I knew going in my expectations were low as far as me being able to spend quality time there but once inside I really wanted to take everything in and wasn't able too.   My two kids were about as good as any young kids could be but they didn't want to be there and kept asking when are we going and of course arguing with each other lol.  So, I gave up and had to leave but not before getting a couple pair of really great sunglasses, a dress, and a shawl.  They had to be quick purchases without too much thought.  I'm really happy about the sunglasses because this is something that is difficult to buy online.

I got a few pictures in and I hope you all enjoy seeing a small sampling of this event.  It really beat my expectations.  Some very amazing things.  You do have to ask the vendors if you can take pictures as some are pretty weird about it.   I have no idea why.  I asked one lady if I could take a picture of her vintage beaded bag table and she was pretty snotty about it and said something like  "No, you aren't going to take pictures of my bags."  Boy, I would never even think of shopping with a vendor like this!

But, for the most part, most vendors were really nice and friendly.   I wish I could have spent time talking with them but it was a whirlwind just trying to walk through the 90 vendors and get small glimpses of the stock.  There was EVERYTHING thing there that a vintage girl would love.  All eras were represented.  Many, many, many (infinity) amazing things.   So many great dresses and jewelry.

I saw this lovely pink and white bow patterned dress from the 40's and I proceeded to make a cash offer for the dress I was running low on cash funds and they counter offered I think an additional $10. The dress was in the $90 which was a premium anyways.  Then, I said okay and then they started to add sales tax onto the price and it ended up being hardly any deal.  I said all I have is this $90 and thats it.  They had bagged the dress already and they said no.  I thought it was a little weird how they walked out on a sale over around $7-$8.

This was the first display I passed.  I asked the vendor if she minded me taking pictures and she didn't. Nice, nice lady.

I have been wanting a pair of vintage sunglasses and this was a great opportunity to find some.  I found this great pair of 40's sunglasses that I'll share a picture of along with the other things I bought in my next post.

How fun are these glasses?  These are not the ones I purchased but I thought these were awesome.  This is the stall I found my great 40's glasses at and the vendors were really nice and sweet and lived very close by.   They've even wrote a book check it out...

Another really nice vendor where I found a great pair of netted type gloves that fit!

Another eyeglass vendor, I thought this was interesting 1790 sunglasses.

This vendor I found a great 30's dress that I hope to wear to the summer Jazz festival and I also found a lovely shawl.  I thought this vendor was very reasonably priced.  I wish I could have really looked more.  Maybe next time!

Finished my NYC excursion at ToysRus:

My son took this picture upon us entering the show, bless his little 8 year old heart, and I think I'll just leave it as is lol.  I love the slide effect.   If you look too long, you'll see me slide away with the mannequins.


  1. Oh my goodness gracious, what an incredibly awesome looking event. There no way I could have passed up spending some time there either, no matter if I had had kids (if I had children, I mean), pets, or a restless husband in tow! There are just some vintage filled events that one truly must attend no matter what if she finds herself in the vancity of them.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Adore those antique sunglasses!

    1. I agree! I wish you could visit New York. We would have so much fun.

    2. If you ladies find yourself near by, let me know:)))

  2. Oh I saw so many beautiful thins, dreses are wau. This event is great.

  3. Wow, those dresses, so pretty!

  4. Wow, the photos from the vintage show are so dynamic! So many beautiful vintage treasures!

  5. What a great show! Although vintage isn't quite my thing .. I would have loved to look around. Those 1790 glasses are amazing.


  6. O...M...G I cannot wait to go together! We will take the place by storm and just gobble up everything with our eyes. Omg I cannot wait. The shades are fab and I need a pair too badly-my baby just broke my regular ones. Thankfully they were just 10 bucks LOL xox

  7. AHHH!! How cool is this?!?!?! They never have anything like that here in Indiana. Poo!

  8. You are definitely brave, haha! Those expos can be so overwhelming as it is, let alone with kids in tow! Looks like it was still worth it, and they got a treat at the end;)

  9. Oh how I would love to find an event like this. I wouldnt care if I had to drag my kids with me or not, I would definitely go. Cant wait to see all of the goodies you got.

  10. wow! what a nice place! I wish I would be there as well

    great dress as well

    Inside and Outside Blog

  11. This place looks amazing! I wish they had events like this near me!

    Hollie xo

  12. your 40s dress is just fabulous .... oh, and your pictures make me wanna shop!

  13. My girlfriend is always so nice and ask if she may take pictures when we go shopping. I, on the other hand, have always assumed that if it were a public space that as long as there was no flash I could do as I pleased. So, I am a bit shocked and appalled that a vendor would be so very rude about something as simple as a photograph.

    I am drooling on myself currently looking at all the beautiful photographs you took during your trip. Particularly the handbags picture.

    What a spectacular trip! Is this a yearly event?


  14. I came across your blog today and am fully enjoying all the great pictures and your obvious love of vintage!! Although this post is several years old, I wanted to offer the reason why many sellers do not allow pictures. While taking a break from my own booth at one such show, I was also asked NOT take pictures in another seller's booth - so I asked why not and they explained.... Unfortunately, many dealers have been stung by unscrupulous people - usually designers & reproduction companies - who take pictures of the items to literally copy. If you're going to outright copy a vintage item, the least you can do is PURCHASE it from the seller who took the time, effort & expense to bring the item into your world!! I've seen it happen time & again, and I can understand the aggravation as no vintage sellers I'm aware of are getting filthy rich in this business! With that said, we usually allow pictures ourselves - both at shows and at our shops - but do prefer that people ask, first. Anyway -- I hope that helps you in understanding why some sellers feel this way! Rather than blaming the seller, perhaps the blame should fall on those who've been so inconsiderate in the past as to ruin the trust of so many vendors!
    Thanks so much for your thoughts, and keep up the beautiful work!