Thursday, May 30, 2013

Yes, It's My Dress And Resort Wear

Are you feeling the summer fashion vibe yet? Vintage resort wear has peaked my interest, lately.  As I was looking through an issue of Look Magazine (1950), I came across an interesting article for a seven piece resort wear set.  If you'd like the pattern, please send 18c to Look Magazine to cover postage (of course, you must also transport yourself back to 1950).  I tried to see if there was an actual pattern on the internet for this set but didn't see one.  It is a very cute idea.
Below are images of some of the outfits you can make:

Also, in an issue of Look Magazine I came across this and I thought it was really interesting to share.  A wooden paddle is inserted into a Schiaparelli corset.  The angles of this Alwynn corset are also quite interesting and you can see how a "New Look" can be achieved.

Recently, I've also been touched with the vintage Hawaii bug.   I'm on the hunt for a Shaheen dress but I want it to be the right one.   I've also felt the need to watch an Elvis flick.   How perfect to watch Blue Hawaii?   As I was watching Blue Hawaii oogling over all the great fashion and of course Elvis,  when...   there was this a clip where Maile Duval is in this dress  below:

Sorry for the screen shots not being that great but you get the idea.

Imagine my excitment when I realize I have this exact same dress!  I blogged about it here.  I also have the matching ad from a magazine that goes with this dress.
Below is an image I took of the dress last year.   It's fun when you get to see your fashions on the screen.  Have any of you seen your vintage wears on the silver screen?

Georgia Bullock - Designer


  1. We had the same need to go summery.

  2. How funny and fabulous that you found your dress in an Elvis movie!!!! I love the idea of resort wear! Too bad you couldn't find the pattern.

  3. You have such luck! Looks fab on you!

  4. I love the outfit on the left in the 6th pic down - quite fancy one of those for my jollies!

    Your dress is gorgeous, and how lovely to see it on the silver screen.... it looks better on you of course ;)

  5. It's always fun to see that vintage pieces are not unique!!!
    I don't have a lot of beach wear, I hate hot weather.....
    I also like vintage hawaiian designs but it's becoming crazy I think... paying $400-500 for a Shaheen dress is for me insane, it's just a cotton dress afterall!
    Hope you will find yours at an affordable price!

    1. I'm with you. I won't be paying $400 for a Shaheen. I hope I can luck out. You are right it isn't gold it's cotton for goodness sake:))

  6. Such a beautiful image of you in that lovely dress! It's just perfect on you! What a thrill it must've been to see it in the movie.

  7. How fabulous is your dress? And even more wonderful to have spotted it in the movie.

    I've also got the Hawaii bug at the moment, I've been staring at all the photographs on the National Geographic Tumblr, Found ( and dreaming about holiday wardrobes!

  8. Best I can recall, I've never seen any of my vintage items appear on screen, but that certainly would be awesome! I wish you tons of luck with your dress hunt. Now that this year's Viva is over, perhaps prices (and/or demand) will have come down a touch Shaheen dresses.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. I see shape wear never goes out of style .. lol.


  10. That is so fun that you spotted your dress in an old Elvis movie!!! It is always exciting seeing outfits worn in the era they were made in, when they weren't vintage - and similarly seeing how they have lasted the test of time and are still being put to good use!

  11. That is sooooo cool! I would fall over if I saw one of mine on someone onscreen!

  12. OMG how beautiful is your Blue Hawaii dress!!! You carry those colors so beautifully.

    I haven't seen any of my vintage dresses on screen... yet. Hopefully on day I will.