Friday, May 31, 2013

Swirl Wrap Dress

Now that the warm weather has finally began, it's time to get out the Swirl dresses.  I have two and I'd actually love a closet full.  They are so fun to wear.  The problem is everyone else thinks so too.  So, to find a Swirl dress is a challenge in itself, then you must find a design you like, and finally find one that is within your budget or what you are willing to pay. Swirl dresses can upwards of $150.   So, imagine my luck when I picked up this lovely dress for  $25.  They are fun to wear and this is great because I have a habit of buying dresses that you would go to a ladies tea party in (sorry can't help myself).

What I also love about Swirl is that even though it is a wrap dress, there are small details that add to the vintage charm.  This particular dress has some really cute pockets that are fastened with a bow.

The Vintage Traveler has an expose on Swirl dresses.  You can see several posts about these creations.

I also realize that a Swirl dress would go great with wedges.  I think I need to hunt down an affordable pair of black 40's/50's wedge shoes.  I had to pick up some drycleaning today and I'm friendly with the lady at the drycleaners and she asked me where I was going?  If it was somewhere special?  You gotta love this as a Swirl was considered a house dress to our vintage counterparts.

There are so many awesome styles and also some really interesting vintage ads for these wonderful dresses.

Do any of you have a Swirl dress?  Were you also able to buy yours under the radar so to speak?

Outfit details

Swirl dress $25 etsy
Hairclip Etsy SofisticatedFlowers
Earrings -ebay vintage 50s
Shoes -vintage 40's

It's amazing how little is actually for sale on ebay and etsy here are a couple I spotted to showcase:



Super cute Etsy  RaleighVintage


  1. Love this dress on you. That does look fun to wear. And I'm so happy that the daisy swirl dress is in my size!

  2. Hey,
    super schöne Kleider. :)

  3. Super neat outfit! So classy! Love the price tag too-sweet deal!

  4. You have the absolute bestest (yes, I know, it's not a real word, but it should be and it applies here! :)) luck with finding incredible deals on timelessly pretty vintage pieces. This dress was a total song for just $25. It's really lovely, looks so comfortable, and is completely beautiful on you, my dear friend.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Look at you in that wonderful dress, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    You got the best of the lot.
    You look sooooooooooooo pretty.

  6. I LOOOVE that dress!! I've never even heard of swirl dresses! Now I must search for them!

  7. Thanks for the education - these are so cool. They look like they would lend themselves to a sewing project if a pattern can be located.

    Yours is perfectly gorgeous!

    Peace & grace,

  8. You look so great! I love the colors on this dress and had no clue about swirl dresses! Thank you for writing a post about them!! xox

  9. You look great! Love the dress! Ive been wanting a Swirl for a while now, just been waiting for the right one to come along that I can afford. lol. I could never luck up and find one for $25, thats amazing!

  10. I've never heard of swirl dresses before - yours is stunning, and looks so lovely on you! Beautiful cut and print to it.

  11. What a great deal - and really vibrant colours too! You look great in this dress!

  12. They are just so charming! I love the print on yours!

  13. I do not have any swirl dresses, though I do like them. They are typically just to spendy for me.

    I love yours though!