Thursday, August 1, 2013

Vintage Postcards and a Hat

When Anthea and I were visiting this lovely shop, I indicated that I had bought some items.  I walked out with postcards and a photograph.  I'll share the photograph in a future post as it appears that I didn't scan it.

It's interesting how very much like photographs these postcards look.  I wonder what their purpose was.  There was no department store mention on the back of the card but their outfits are all so lovely.  Do you have a favorite?  These postcards are great too because there are so many different types of materials used in the fabric construction and you can see the texture of these materials in the images.

Here I am striking a pose a little similar to the postcard above.  Anthea and I had fun trying this.  Just missing my little twig branch haha.

Isn't this knitted sweater just grand?  If I had to pick one thing I'd choose this sweater.

I just loved this little flapper lady.  I looked for all the images I could find of her.  What I really love about her is that she is so charming and so "real".  Quite like you'd imagine young women of the day to be.  

This lady reminded me of a young Gloria Swanson.

Here is a snapshot of the lovely hat that Anthea made for me.  I hope to do another photograph soon with me wearing it:)  It's so soft and lovely!


  1. You picked up lovely post cards! There were so many in the shop it was so hard to choose!

  2. Your pose is so charmingly fun and really does resemble that charming postcard. All of these beauties are charming, sweet and chalked full of vintage fashion inspiration. I especially like the one with the high neck blouse as well as the floral print dress, because they're both really looks I could picture myself wearing.

    Thank you for sharing these gorgeous vintage photo postcards with us, sweet Joanna. What an awesome souvenir to bring home from your travels.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Oh these are so sweet, and there are some AMAZING hairstyles!!!!

  4. What a gorgeous dress you're wearing and I love your sweet pose, you look great!

  5. A lovely collection of postcards, it is hard to choose a favourite. It is either the floral pleated dress or the knitted top, I really wouldn't mind having either!

  6. I just LOVE the 4th photo down! Her hair is fantastic!

  7. These are really great. I just love the 20's postcards. :)