Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vogue 1949 Ready for Part II?

In my post here, I spoke about a bound volume of Vogue that I have from 1949.  I do have others so look to the future for more great fashion!  Browsing through 1949, there is certainly a lot of great fashion.  Below are some more images from this bound edition.  There is an article on Adrian in Africa and I just had to smile about a small Swirl article.

On with the show....

When I originally scanned this ad, I had no idea it was an Adrian gown.  Isn't it just amazing?  I'd love to dance around in this gown.

Just love Adrian!  Actually, considering all the different styles and dresses you see in ads there really isn't that much that you see today.  

I find it interesting that Eisenberg was also in the beauty market.  I'd love to smell one of their fragrances but I have yet to see an Eisenberg perfume for sale.  Here is a lipstick they once also sold...

Gotta have a Lilli Ann Ad!

Love this fabric.  Looking through these fashion magazines you also get a sense of the print style and fabrics used to make these beautiful dresses.

Love this dress with the matching hat.  It appears Dan River is a maker of fabric.  A good search tool for you vintage seamstresses.

Need a nice summer bag?

Jacques Fath casual, you really don't see this too often.

Check out this Swirl ad from 1949!  Normally you see them from the mid-50s.  I really like these styles.  

This expose is so funny! Read the fine print.  This lady is wearing a Swirl wrap dress.  The article talks about how she "only" has a household staff of one and she has to "share" the household work so she is wearing a Swirl.  I must admit this is a great Swirl dress!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful fashion pieces! My favorite is the purple dress with the matching hat, simply amazing :-)

  2. Some beautiful frocks and great inspiration. Too many favourites so I will have one of everything please!

  3. I love them all!! So much inspiration all in one place. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Such lovely gowns, especially the 2nd one.

  5. That white short-sleeved suit with the button pockets!!!! *Swoon*!!!!

  6. I adore the daytime gloves in these photos!

  7. I am in the throes of a vintage bliss spell over here, darling Joanna, let me tell you! My head is swirling with the happiest of sartorial thoughts and daydreams about each of these incredible fashions! Just the fun, fabulous note I needed to kick this week off on!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Ahh to only go shopping in 1949 just for one day!

  9. I love these Vogue Magazines. I still regret the day I came across a couple of 30s Vogue magazines at a fleamarket and didn't had enough money with to buy them :(