Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vintage Shopping

I've been trying to hit up all the local vintage shops I can in Michigan.  I didn't buy this hat below although I was really tempted too!   This store that I was in was (is) just amazing and I will blog more in detail about this shop when I can get my camera images uploaded.  It's a dream store for all of us vintage lovers.   Photo's beloware all from my phone camera.  I have been getting some great Bakelite items from this store and some other vintage shops in the area. There were a couple of great dresses I saw and didn't buy because they didn't quite fit right, including a just amazing rayon swirl dress that was around $50.  I was impressed with how nice it was.  Also, I saw an amazing velvet princess coat that was really just the symbol for 50's glamour.  It even had some kind of crinoline in the formation of the coat to puff it out.  But, I was thinking about how much I would use it?  Also, it wasn't cheap but it was worth the price they were asking.  I may just go back and get it but for now I passed on it. Gosh, was it just so beautiful!  

Have any of you gone back to a store after a vintage item made an impact?

I wore my Freddies jeans and this great retro-romance shirt that I purchased on ebay awhile back.  It's not easy to find vintage romance comic tops so I was happy to find this one.

Although I didn't leave with the velvet princess dream coat, I did leave with a lovely 40's dress (you can see it a little on the chair behind me) and some great vintage jewelry.   I've also been quite lucky finding some nice Bakelite.

This was a different shop that I visited than the one I was speaking about above.  There is this very interesting little shop (not clothing) not far from my mother's house that I had the pleasure of visiting earlier in the week.  Inside they have a lot of really interesting vintage items.  There is a big selection of jewelry and glassware.  There were also a lot of vintage toys but I was most interested in the jewelry.   There was a section with Bakelite bracelets and also some not listed as Bakelite.

The bracelets on the right are ones I purchased as Bakelite and the ones on the left were not.  It will be interesting to see if they are indeed Bakelite.  I will give them the Simichrome test and let you all know if they pass or not.  Don't they look like they could be?   I paid $5 for the translucent one on the left and $7 for the carved one.  The other side I paid Bakelite prices but I still think deals for the lemon one was $14 and the marbled more for around $23 but still worth it.    I also got a couple of black Bakelite (I believe to be) bangles for $20.  I think something I would like in the future would be a Bakelite ring.  Overall, I think pretty nice prices.

Some images from within the shop:


  1. What great finds! I say you go back and nab that coat. =)

  2. WOW! Those Bakelite pieces are fabulous! And all of the other jewelry is just drool-worthy!!


  3. Oh my goodness, now that's the kind of shop that would definitely leave a lasting impression on me as well. It's been a long, long time (back when I lived in Calgary, to be exact) since I walked into a vintage (clothing - as opposed to collectibles, decor, etc) store that took my breath away in the way I imagine this one did for you. Fingers crossed that when I get out that way again next, one or more will have the same effect on me again! :)

    Love all of your great new buys - those bangles, Bakelite and otherwise, are so wonderfully pretty!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Wow, I wish we had shops like that over here!

    I'm very curious about the princess coat construction with the crinoline! If you going to buy it, please dedicate a post about the construction :D

  5. I am terrible and always dither about a purchase and then after not being able to stop thinking about it realise I have to return and purchase it. Which is OK except when I dither too long and miss out on my must have. Love the bangles and would have loved to see that princess coat because it sounds divine.

  6. gorgeous finds and great bakelite prices!! I haven't been antique shopping in a very long time! I hope I can maybe go next month for my birthday or something :P Send me a close up photo of your translucent bangle and I should be able to tell if its bakey or not! :)

  7. These images are just the inside of the very local shop. There is just an amazing shop about 20 min away that I could go to weekly. I do have pictures of this shop but it's on my regular camera right now so I'll certainly blog about it!

  8. I love your look, the shirt is cute and the hat is gorgeous.

  9. What great finds!! THOSE BAKELITE PRICES!!!! Jealous!

  10. Oooohhhhhhh jewelry a galore! I love it!

  11. I do think I have to make one more trip back to this shop!

  12. Wow!! And this was in Michigan???? We're just south of it and I think we may need to make a road trip! :D

  13. Love you in the hat! I will usually walk out of a shop and walk around to see if it is impulse buying or a real need for an item.

  14. Holy crap, you lucky duck!! That place looks like freakin' heaven!