Monday, December 16, 2013

Carole Lombard

I thought I'd share an image today of the spectacular Carole Lombard.   If anyone knows which promotional movie this is for, please let me know.  She really knew how to wear a hat.  She is one of my favorite "old time" movie stars.

This image is from an 8 x 10 that I acquired (I do believe it is a reprint image.) so this gives us a rare opportunity to really take in all the details of the photograph.   I also have a few more detailed looks at fashion here with other period photographs.  

I also have some scans to share in a future post of her life story.

Check out how fabulous this hat is!  Carole Lombard is one of those rare timeless beauties.

The print on the dress she is wearing!  Just lovely!  I do believe it may be a Paris novelty print dress.


  1. That pose has such a sense of presence and sophistication to it - much like Carole herself. Wonderful photo find, it exudes old school glamour and elegance to no end.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Carole is wearing a gown by Irene Lentz. It's lovely.