Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lilli Ann 1949

 The weather is overcast and raining today.  It gave me a chance to try out my vintage umbrella.  The gaberdine coat is Lilli Ann from 1949.  In 1949, the coat price was  $89, which would make it $833 in today's dollars.  I picked this coat up on ebay $155 and it's a perfect fall weather coat.   The coat appears to be barely worn.  Check out below for the matching ad.  Shoes, gloves, umbrella, and bracelet also vintage.

Here is the ad that matches this coat:

This is a fabulous navy polka dot, 40's dress that has polka dot strips on the side.  My camera died shortly after taking this picture and now sits in the repair shop so I don't have any up close shots to share but it also has a great button up detail to the front.


  1. So incredibly beautiful! I adore the feminine lines of this timelessly pretty coat, as well as how you styled it on that rain soaked day. I'd love to add more vintage umbrellas to my collection (at present I have one), but it's getting so tricky to find ones is good condition that don't cost an arm an leg. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that perhaps a yard sale or (less likely nowadays) thrift store will send another one my way one of these days.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Thank you ladies for your comments. It's difficult to find the right "ladies" umbrella. I try to keep my eyes posted for them:) I hope you do find just the right umbrella Jessica:) I'd love a navy polka dot one but haven't seen one for sale yet. I'm also hoping to get one of those nice umbrella's where there is pattern on the inside and solid color on the outside. Ahh so many ideas:))

  2. the cut of this coat is gorgeous....they really don't make stuff like this anymore. it looks stunning on you!

  3. Wow that is so neat that you have a photo of the exact same coat!

  4. Love the details on your coat. The fit is amazing on you! :)

  5. this coat is a real treasure! the umbrella, too :)