Saturday, December 22, 2012

1938 and a perfect me book

I'm really liking the year 1938 in fashion.  I've put this year on my fashion radar ever since receiving the two Harper's Bazaar magazines from 1938.   I found this great Ladies Home Journal from 1938 with a fascinating cover.  And, the blessing was that the seller sent me three other Ladies Home Journal's from the same year free of charge.  How nice was this??   I nice Christmas spirited gift:)   They are really large in size so I was unable to scan them but I did photograph them to share.

Don't you just love the colors in this cover?  Read more about the details of this cover below.

I've circled part of the "society page" in the Ladies Home Journal because it speaks about the impressive cover above.  It was photographed in Paris by Man Ray so now I understand too why it pops out at you.  This photograph actually seems quite tame compared to some of his other images.   Isn't this nice to know this little tidbit?   You know what I also learned in reading one of these journals, the Jitterbug was very popular in 1938.  I always thought it started in the 40's!

Yes, you can have hands like Schiaparelli and Lanvin too! Lol!

These magazines had tons of shoe ads!

This was fascinating at how perfect their teeth were!  I realize it was edited but still it's 1938!

Fancy any of these outfits ladies?

How interesting is this an expose on the Kennedy family in 1938!  Little did they know the impact the Kennedy's would have on us:)

This is a little blurry but I thought it was nice to share since it's in full color.

I have a pair of these shoes!  This is the first Daniel Green shoe ad I've seen.  Keep in mind 1938!

I thought this was nice a glamour makeover....

Look how they colored this ad for 1938!

Just beautiful...

Don't you think the hat that I wore on the vintage train ride looks like the one below?  

I picked up this book off of ebay.  How perfect!  I can't wait to read it!   This book is from 1954 and is signed by the authors and has a plastic cover to it.  $25 great deal.  A perfect me book:)  I can't wait to read about the beginnings of Vogue magazine from a vintage perspective.


  1. What a delightful magazine! I loved all the images esp the Kennedy family! Now thats a treasure!!! I couldn't rd what it said-was it good! Oh the dresses and shoes and everything just swoon! xox

    1. It's a shame you can't double click to enlarge:) This would be a nice feature. It talks a lot about how she dresses her children believe it or not:)

  2. What a treasure trove of incredible late 30s images. I adore the fact that Man Ray photographed that cover; one often forgets that he did less avant-garde work as well. Thank you for sharing these incredible magazines (and book) with us, dear lady. Seeing them was an absolute joy!

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Thanks for posting these! many amazing things to look at! I love those magazine covers, nothing beats a tinted photograph! You have a lovely blog! xoxo, Tina