Saturday, December 15, 2012

30s Deco Revival Part IV

Capturing a Deco Moment..

The staircase area in the mansion had a very vintage feel and certainly was a highlight of the home.   In this series of photographs, I was looking to achieve a 1930's vintage atmosphere.   The mansion was built in 1896 so you can image all the history and charm this venue has.  It has 23 rooms and one can imagine quite spacious for 1896...even very spacious for today's standards.

I do believe the dress I am wearing for this set of photographs is from the 1930s.  There is no label and the inner stitch work gives the feeling of an early period dress.   The dress has a certain deco feel like in the pages of the mid to late 30's vintage Vogue magazines.   The dress is accented with these bold gold motifs.   The cut of the neckline is perfect for period dress clips.   I actually found this dress by fate on ebay a couple weeks before my actual photo shoot.  I had planned to wear a different dress and when I saw this one, I knew that it would be perfect for what I was looking to achieve.   The dress needed some work and I fixed quite a few seams and did a little work on the gold motifs.  I loved working on this dress and I think in the future I'd like to try and sew a dress from a pattern.  I hadn't sat at my sewing machine for quite awhile so it was fun to bring back this dress to it's former glory.  How much did I pay for this deco dress?  $35!  I swiped it up immediately!  

Even before I began collecting vintage fashion, I have had a deep fascination with art deco.  I love the angles and forms in everything from furniture to perfume bottles.   I'd love a total art deco house!  I just feel like there was a lot of innovation and style during this period and it has that timeless feel.  I realize that the staircase isn't quite art deco but it does have a vintage appeal to it that I thought would be great to capture the era of this dress with.


A detail of the dress:


  1. You're dress is awesome!! Love the Deco period so much. I never used to have such an appreciation for it, but lately I'm just in love with it!

  2. You look like an incredibly pretty 1930s incarnation of a Greek goddess. Stunning dress and setting, dear Joanna, for this endlessly lovely series of photos.

    ♥ Jessica


    So very OT, but I replied to your comment on my GF Christmas stuffing post today and included a link there to a very yummy looking recipe for GF Yorkshire Pudding for you.

  3. Omg Joanna you really outdid yourself-wow! Just soooo beautiful! The dress looks amazing on you! You are just glowing in these! Keep modeling!! xox

  4. Lovely photos, and that dress--what a stunner and such a steal!