Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vintage Coat Obsession

 I am just so excited I had to share what came in the mail today.  You know those times when you just can't wait to tell.  Well, I feel like I'm calling each and everyone of you up and sharing my vintage bliss lol.   I've been getting some duds in vintage lately and today I was happily blasted back into "joyful vintage" mode:)

Looky!!!  I came back from grocery shopping and look what the mail man brought....I got this fabulous Lilli Ann coat in the mail and it is way better than I even expected it to be and I have high expectations for Lilli Ann because their clothing line is tailored so well.   I've been in vintage coat mode lately and I'm so glad I can now add this to my collection.  

 I'll showcase more of this fabulously awesome coat in the future.   I love the velvet square details and the puffy sleeves.  It's such a great vintage coat.  This fabulous Lilli Ann coat cost me a bargain price of $150.  These coats usually go for at least twice this and seeing it in person, I can see just why.  I think the coat is from 1954.  I'll have to go through some of my magazines and see if I have the ad, I seem to recall I do.  I could certainly become addicted to Lilli Ann coats....wait I think I already am...sign me up for Lilli Ann Anonymous classes.

I'm thinking I need to also get some child labor going and get my kids to sweep the deck:))

Here's an overexposed picture so you can see the details.  Excuse the lack of one button not's there:)

Here's the matching ad, thinking 1954:

Since we are on the topic of today's mail, I also received this great hat box.  I was surprised when no one bid on it so I won it for 99c + shipping ($16).   Now, a little airing out and as good as new.


  1. Isn't your new Lilli Ann coat divine! Congratulations on winning that bid.

    I also love the color of your hat box. I haven’t seen one in that shade of blue before.

  2. Lovely coat! Great find in that hat box, it looks sturdy.

  3. I really love those Lilli Ann coats!!! You are lucky enough to be a small size...
    Your coat seems to have been shorten, isn't it?
    These puff sleeves are gorgeous!!!

    1. Thank you Laurence. I don't believe it has been shortened. It's even more lovely in person.

  4. That is a great coat, the velvet squares really pop out at you.

  5. Thanks ladies, of all my vintage purchases, Lilli Ann's have been my favorite. I've been looking for vintage storage cases and was happy to find this hat box. I'm hoping another train case will pop up like the one I recently bought. But, it's difficult to find train cases that are in excellent condition with the jewelry top shelves still included.

  6. Wow, what a score on that hat box! And the coat is just beautiful and even better with the ad. Very cool!

  7. What a gorgeous coat, and how cool is it that you found the original ad?

  8. Oh Joanna, this coat is absolutely breath-taking! It has everything (dark hue, princess cut, full skirt) that I look for (and daydream about) in a vintage coat. You look so tremendously elegant and gorgeous in your new winter topper. Thank you very much for sharing it with us - I'm thrilled to know that you had a happy mail day once again (yay!).

    ♥ Jessica

  9. That coat is just incredible, all of the details are so perfect and unique! Modern coats are so dull, they have no character and the fit is always so shapeless whereas this coat defines your figure beautifully.