Tuesday, December 18, 2012

All Aboard...

First off, I'd like to say that Technicolor Cutie is having a great give-a-away so be sure to visit her blog.  She is giving away a Besame Classic Cosmetic Travel Bag and a $50 Besame Gift Certificate.  I've tried their lipstick before and I actually like it more than Mac, if you can believe it:)

1931 train here we come...

The swing band went onboard the vintage train as well.  I can just image the great ambiance in that swingin' jivin' car.  But, I figured it would be such a crowded area and I really wanted some special photographs of the train so we went into another compartment.  The train waited about 15 minutes before starting which was great because it gave a lot of people the opportunity to take pictures.  The train we were lucky to be on was made in 1931 and ended service in the 70's.  It was so interesting to see the old ads and to imagine how people of the 30's and 40's traveled.   It was also funny to see people surprised by the train who were expecting their "regular train".    A lot of people wanted to take my picture, which was really fun.   I think the funnest picture taker was this young hip boy with a skate board. lol    There were a lot of people taking pictures of the whole event from professional photographers to "i-phoners".

I  had the opportunity to sit next to a couple of other vintage ladies.  One of the ladies said she always dressed in 1950's outfits and loved to wear her lovely dresses to church.  She was so regal.  A really nice lady.  The other lady was a tango teacher who had a lot of her grandmother's clothing.  This is so nice that her grandmother had been able to save these things.  So, it was a lot of fun ridding near these fine ladies.   The conductor of the train wore a vintage outfit and carried a stop watch.  The children who were on the train, loved it.

Details on my outfit:

Coat - Etsy seller Secretlake - 1930's wool coat with metallic gold colored rose buttons (my favorite part of the coat details below) and velvet collar with gold stitching.  It certainly feels like a high-end quality made coat.  It has a label attached that reads "Arnold Constable  Fifth Avenue, New York"  This was a store that operated for over 150 years closing it's doors in 1975. The building appears to still be there.  It's interesting to learn about the origin of these vintage garments.

Gloves -ebay, I had actually bought these gloves with a different idea and it was great that they matched my hat

Hat -I don't recall if it was ebay or Etsy...I'm thinking ebay.  Red tilt hat with a black ostrich feather.  30's, 40's.

Bag - Etsy seller  MeMeWorld 1920's velvet with metal frame.  This bag arrived just in time, a day before.  It's in incredible condition and certainly a heirloom for my daughter.  The interior is in perfect condition which is very difficult to find with such a vintage bag.  It also has these great wooden tassels that are difficult to see in the photographs.

Good bye vintage train!

On a P.S.  note, here is a link to an article about what some of the Greta Garbo items sold for in the auction that closed this past Friday.


  1. Beautiful photos!!

  2. You all look like you're having a blast!

  3. Thanks Doll! Is that the Tilt Hat I blogged about a few months ago? You look LOVELY in it!! Good Luck!

    1. Oh by gum by is lol. How funny! I'm glad to hear this hat made an impression on you and that you remembered it:))

  4. Oh, what an incredible trip you have!!!!
    It's like go back in time...
    You hat is just gorgeous!

  5. Dear Joanna, it looks as though you were meant to travel everywhere on a vintage train such as this. It partners with your exquisite coat and hat (which I'm swooning up a storm over, let me tell you!) so wonderfully. I'm thrilled for you that you got to enjoy some time on a vintage train and hope one day that I'll be able to follow your lead, too.

    Happiest one week until Christmas countdown!
    ♥ Jessica

  6. What a beautiful sight for sore eyes, my dear friend, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  7. Gosh this looks such amazing fun! You look like you've come straight out of a bygone era! I really love the embellishment on your coat and that hat is absolutely beautiful- you look so incredibly elegant. :)

    Florrie x