Saturday, January 26, 2013

Thoughts, Musing, and Photographs

After my photo shoot disaster, I wanted to have other images taken of the outfit that I wore to the photography session so that I could capture how truly remarkable this suit really is.   I really do look at these vintage clothes as forms of art.  We are actually quite lucky, as this generation, to be able to feel, touch, and enjoy this small slice of this textile heaven.  In 100 years, it will mainly be image form for these gems.  So, think about how fortunate you are to be able to wear your vintage garments from the 50's and earlier?  Think also about how some of your outfits are so well made and how fascinating it is that they are  60, 70 years old.  Amazing!  Considering, I'm sure the thoughts were not there by the designers that they should be worn by us today:)   

I could get really into philosophy here about how we incorporate our senses.   We are fortunate to be able to immerse ourselves into a particular vintage experience (journey?).  When this thought entered my mind, I immediately went back to the thoughts of art history and in particular those artists that wanted the viewers to actually be apart of the artwork, like Jennifer Bartlett.  I immediately thought of her series of work  "boats" where she painted and constructed the objects to extend beyond the painting.    I feel like this with vintage clothing.  We actually get to participate in a piece of history by wearing these garments.   We get to "extend" beyond the frames of an artist canvas and are able to physically partake and appreciate our vintage experiences.

Yesterday, I was reading on Gertie's blog about the inside of a contemporary jacket and also how she deconstructed a 40s jacket. It's really quite remarkable even if you aren't a seamstress so go take a peak.   Her images and descriptions are really interesting and you almost feel like you are in one of her classes for the day.  I admire that she is able to really get into the nitty gritty and understand these vintage tailoring concepts.  It certainly is far beyond me but I do love to read about it all.

Lilli Ann Suit

The suit I am wearing below is just amazing and I can't get over how the rhinestones still sparkle after 60 years!   This Lilli Ann suit I saw on Etsy and really didn't think twice about buying it right away as I have come to understand the Lilli Ann market and knew I didn't have much time to think about it.  I feel like I probably paid half of what the true value is of this remarkable suit but of course, it shall remain in my closet.   This outfit is a classic 50's style.   The Dior hat was also a quick, do not pass go, run for it purchase $35.  This was not the hat that I used for my photo shoot as I subsequently purchased this hat and I'd have to say it's my favorite wide brimmed hat at the moment.

I do not have the matching ad for the Lilli Ann suit but if I see something similar pop up I will be sure to share the match.

Composition wise, this photograph below is my favorite.

My gloves I found at a vintage shop in Michigan and are quite special as they had the old Hudson's tag still attached to them and I can quite imagine how women back in the day would go to Detroit to shop, which of course would not happen now.  They have a lovely zig zag stitch embellishment.

The umbrella is a vintage 50's Saks umbrella found on ebay.  These vintage umbrella's are an art form in themselves and I've been enjoying collecting just the right ones.   This one has a rose motif.  You would think classic ladies umbrella's would be easy to find but they aren't and you just have to be lucky to find one when you can, especially in good working order.

A comparison (with scarfs) to John Rawlings iconic image (my favorite fashion photographer).  I actively sought out a striped and a red scarf because I was so impressed by the color combination displayed below.  I hope to be able to recreate this image one day in the future.   I'm quite mesmerized by this photograph and I've discussed it here.

A PicMonkey image:

Black and white and the original in color:

I added the small rhinestones to the ends of the cuffs as the cuff has a french cuff like appearance and it helps to keep the edges crisp.  The rhinestone buttons on the cuff are vintage.  The rhinestones on the collar and bottom of the jacket are original to the Lilli Ann design and still sparkle and shine like it was made yesterday.

 Adieu fare friends!!


  1. Just lovely. I adore that jacket and especially the gloves.

  2. Quite charming. I think adding the rhinestone buttons to the cuffs was a nice touch too.

  3. OMG!!! This ensemble, the photos, and you dear, Joanna are so lovely! Who was the photographer?

    1. Thank you Sean:) My husband took the photographs. He bought this special lens which makes a world of difference:)

  4. Suits are def your thing! You look amazing! The gloves are gorgeous too! Great job mama! xox

  5. That suit really is a beautiful work of art. It suits you well too. I think the suit is timeless and if you wore it with modern accessories, it would look very up to date too. Its simply gorgeous.

  6. Gorgeous photos, you look like you've stepped out of a vintage Vogue! The hat is fabulous, you just don't see nice hats like these any more and it's a shame. I love the gloves too, I wish so badly that wearing gloves would come back into fashion again!

  7. Flat out, endlessly beautiful! You have done this outfit true justice in this new set of shots and look ravishingly gorgeous in all of them.

    I've had that very thought before myself, too, regarding how fortunate we are to still be able to wear and interact on a daily basis with garments and accessories that are now several decades old. It is a joy and an honour to do so, and to preserve these small pieces of the past so that they can continue to survive (in good condition) for many more years to come.

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Wow, I am crazy for hats and you absolutely rock them! Can't get enough of this pictures. Every detail is just perfect. Love, Sara xx

  9. nice