Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Work In Process

It's a rainy day here in NY.

I know I'm going to skip around between Great Gatsby and Dior but what a skip eh?

Check out this fabulous head band that Tiffany will be doing for Great Gatsby.  There will be a line of the deco inspired jewelry coming out soon.  This will be so lovely to see.  I can't wait to see this movie!  I'm sure it will also become part of my DVD collection.

I am just so enthralled by Dior's New Look collection 1947.  I'd just love to look at one of these garments up close one day!  I hope the MET puts on a display soon!

Today, I working on gathering the materials I need to add the hip padding to my "New Look" jacket.   Check this out, I need  "Heavy hair canvas, buckram, and heavy muslin".   This is going to be interesting.  I've never heard of heavy hair canvas or buckram.     I'm going to buy everything I need at Vogue Fabrics since it beats looking around here and there.  They even have a section on building your own corset.  Don't think I'd be up for that one!

The shoulder padding is a little tricky.  I'm trying to figure out a slopped padding.

Some YouTube Clips of "New Look" fashion..

This is in German but still wonderful to watch.  Sign me up for any of these grand beauties <sigh>.

Here's a look at a recent photoshoot on "The Bar" suit:

This is a fabulous video because I can see a period undergarment padding and corset view.  Music is horrible:P


  1. I just watched the trailer! The movie is out in May - quite exciting!


  2. Everything about that photo is amazing...the color,,,the era. Cant wait to see the movie!

  3. Oh that Tiffany's collection looks like it's going to be steal-your-breath-away gorgeous. Art deco and modern deco inspired jewelry is always so enjoyable to look at (and daydream about!).

    Wishing you tons of success with your New Look sewing project, dear Joanna (that truly isn't the kind of shopping list of materials most of us run into everyday).

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Love the hat in both of the youtube clips. Daisy's haircut is quite close to a Louise Brooks, but she has more of a curl on the cheek.

  5. I think I'll need to see the movie many times to take it all in.

  6. Both eras are spectacular, it's easy to see why you love them immensely!

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