Friday, March 22, 2013

Vintage Shoes and Anticipation

I'd like to first share that I am anticipating the arrival of a "hopefully" fabulous find.   It is now in postal possession and on its way.    I feel a little like I am on a Vegas slot machine.  I'm just waiting for all those cherries to line up in a row.  Pass me a daiquiri too!  Anyone here actually ever win a big jackpot?  When I lived in Vegas, I never actually won anything big.  I think the biggest amount I won was $500 at one time.  I worked in the casino industry so I did hear about people winning big and some of the stories about people losing big too lol. 

Anyways....back to my coat story.... I'm taking a gamble on this coat.  But, I'm hoping it is an educated gamble!  I saw this coat that I believe to be a Lilli Ann that was not listed as such.  If it is indeed what I believe it to be, I scored a jackpot.  I would actually be surprised if it isn't a Lilli Ann.  I've been eyeing the Lilli Ann style of this coat for quite sometime in vintage ads and actual sale sites.   I was hoping one in this style would come up for sale at a reasonable price (which it never did until now) and I'm hoping this particular coat will be as I imagine.   Lilli Ann coats certainly have been going for large amounts lately.  I've just seen a few different varieties of Lilli Ann coats fetch over $500 on ebay recently.  In fact, a fur collar Lilli Ann just went for $1,300 on ebay.  Pretty wild!  Image is below of this $1,300 coat.  This is not the style I bought but I thought it was really interesting that this coat went for such a large amount.  

Fingers crossed that what I shall receive is a Lilli Ann coat at the fraction of the cost of it's known counterpart:)  I shall post photographs when I receive this coat.

I bought this swirl gray 1940's dress last year.  The cream sweater is by Peck and Peck.  I believe the sweater maybe from the 1950's.  These 1940's shoes I bought off of etsy.  It's actually quite interesting in two cases that I have bought shoes that were really tight when I first put them on but now fit quite nicely, this is one of those pairs of shoes.   I'd recommend a shoe stretcher to those of you who are having difficulty fitting into some of these vintage shoes.  It is a bit of a gamble buying vintage shoes as sometimes they may also be a little bit too big as well.  I think I'd rather just go back in time and grab a few pairs.   

While pouring through vintage fashion magazines, I've been putting together a list of vintage shoe manufacturers.  Of course, my list is far from complete, but it is a great search tool.  I've found a couple pairs of my vintage shoes by just looking for the manufacturer.   I've included the list below in case any of you would also like to search for some great vintage shoes by shoe maker.  This list is not all encompassing and is just a small sampling of the shoe manufacturers around at this time.

Vintage Shoe Designers (Ads seen in fashion magazines)

Sorry list is not in any particular order.

Enna Jettick Vogue 30s ad
Queen Quality early 30s
Red Cross Shoe 1921
Naturalizer 1935
Vitality Shoe 1930s
De Liso (Debs) 1939
Rice O’Neill (1939)
Lotus (1950)
Dorothy Dodd (1940s?)
Selby (1940’s start?)
Bally shoes
I. Miller shoes (1930s +)
Kays-Newport (Californian USA shoes 1940s)
Johansen 1947
H Liebes 1947
Selby shoes 1947
Paradise shoes 1947
Laird shoes 1947
Peacock shoe 1947
John marino 1947
Rhapsody shoe 1941
Lastex 1941
Marquiese Shoes 1940
TreadEasy shoes 1948
Natural Bridge Shoe 1949
Newton Elkin 1949
Valentines Shoe 1949
Jacquelines Wohl shoe 1949
Tweedies 1949

Lilli Ann coat that just sold for $1,300!  This is not the type I am receiving but certainly went for a lot more than I'd expect.


  1. You look so pretty in that 40s dress! I like the look of that coat but it seems like an awfully high price to me too :)

  2. So exciting! Fingers crossed for your new coat! Can't wait to see it.

  3. Joanna....I love your dress; its very flattering on you. Your hairstyle in these photos is also very flattering; very simple, classic and pretty.

    I hope the coat works out for you; the one in the picture is stunning!

    1. Thank you Lisa. The coat I am waiting to receive is more of a 50's princess coat with no fur but I just thought that this Lilli Ann coat was so interesting because it sold for so much money. I thought this would be a couple hundred dollar coat and not a $1,300 coat!

  4. That dress looks great on you-its an everyday vintage look and I love it! I love your list too-geesh I think every vintage gal should have one hehe xox

  5. Your dress is lovely, Joanna! Are those pumps 40s as well?? Peep toes are so cute!

    1. Yes they are Sean. They are so fun to wear.

  6. You look fabulous - I love vintage shoes but I have size 7 (UK) fit so I stick with repro!

    What a great bargain if you coat is Lilli-Ann! I got a bargain on ebay - its fab when you grab a bargain isn't it!


    1. You know I do believe it is a Lilli Ann but it needs so much work that I am going to have to return it. I wish I could keep it but I think I'd rather wait for one that is in a better shape.

  7. I wonder if the coat went for such a pretty price because colored fur is going to be a trend next winter.

  8. LOVE that Lili Ann jacket. Such a great color.

  9. Wow though, that coat is pretty fabulous. Can't wait to see your new coat!