Monday, March 18, 2013

The Adrian Look 1947

I am exploring the year 1947 in fashion.  Ahh, all the beautiful collections and of this year!  I have the Vogue issue from April 1947 when Vogue first discussed Dior's new collection (the New Look)which I will share images of in a future post and within this issue is the forever fabulous Adrian.  

In the scheme of things, there really are not a lot of images out there in internet land of Adrian gowns.  Also, in general, you don't see many Adrian gowns/dresses or suits come up for sale.  Of course, I can understand why.

I have more articles to share on this iconic designer in the future.  I thought I'd share these images that are all from one issue April 1947 Vogue.   As you read the passage of "The Adrian Look For 1947", don't you truly get the feeling of art and form of clothing?  It's amazing.  So much a different mentality than today.

For lots more Adrian eye candy, please also check out my Pinterest Board.   I've also posted an article from Adrian here.


  1. I love the back of the Dali dress! I am focusing on dresses with interesting backs this season.
    Great photos!

  2. It's amazing that the dress is in a museum. I think the dress looks better on the model than in the museum photo.


    1. I'm with you I thought the first image of the museum dress was not presented well. It is interesting how he took this Amish theme to the dress by even doing a quilt like pattern.

  3. Ahhh everything is so beautiful!!!

  4. Wow, the quilted dresses are fascinating!