Monday, May 13, 2013

Deco Accessories

I hope some of you have had the chance to see the new Gatsby movie.  I haven't yet but fill me in what you thought.

I had a splendid Mother's Day.  I'll share these pictures this week.  I first wanted to share with you that I have an article in "Hey Doll!"   This e-magazine is superb.  Guess what, it's free too!  So, no excuse for not clicking on the link.   The wonderful Bunny and Brittany do a fabulous job of appealing to vintage lovin' hep cats like ourselves.  The current issue explores Great Gatsby themes and is right up my alley.  There were so wonderful contributors and I thought this issue was front row clap worthy. Right on ladies!

I did an article on assuit shawls and I thought I'd share some other photographs taken at the same time.  I had a lot of fun with this article.  My outfit is vintage with the exception of the shoes which are Re-mix.

Outfit Details

Dress (1920's)- Etsy black silk charmeuse in great condition. Consetta's Closet.
Feather Hair Comb (1920's) -$32 and worth every penny so awesome vintage Etsy YoungRelic 
Necklace (1920's) -I believe I got it from RubyLane during one of their 50% off tag sales
Headband (1920's)- hand-beaded with amazing detail.  Ebay $50.
Gloves -vintage (1950's)  looking back I wish I would have foregone the gloves as in most deco period photographs the ladies didn't actually wear gloves.  Oh, well next time:)
Shawl -Assuit (1920's).  Read the article for more details on these beauties!  Total works of art.
Shoes -Re-mix on sale
Peacock Fan -ebay  (from what I understand peacocks naturally molt and loose their tail feathers in the fall)

Another look at the dress and shawl:


  1. Oh what a wonderfully glamorous photoshoot! You look incredibly and your vintage style really is so inspiring :)

    I'm yet to see Gatsby too but oh doesn't it look wonderfully decadent!

    Florrie x

  2. Oh, wow! I loved these pics but seeing everything in color is stunning! Your headpiece is beautiful!

  3. I love these pics to pieces!! You look so darn cute in that 20s bob wig!

  4. Absolutely stunning! I LOVE peacock feathers (and yes they do drop out naturally!) - it suits you down to the ground :)

  5. How terrifically, resplendently beautiful - 1920s fashions suit you so well. These photos - and your outfit - are very, very lovely. I just adore that headpiece - what a stunning work of feather adorned art!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your wonderful (most recent) email this weekend, sweet Joanna. I really wasn't feeling too great on Sat and Sun and wasn't on the computer much as a result, but am a touch better today, so hopefully I'll be able to reply to it really soon. ♥

  6. Love love love the peacock fan!

  7. Fabulous pictures, hun!!! The style looks great on you!!

  8. You really channeled that decade-love it! xox

  9. Wow, this would have been a fun shoot! Love the head pieces and the shawl is gorgeous. I have those shoes! Aren't they comfy?!

    1. These shoes are amazingly comfortable. I think it helps that they are Remix.

  10. You look fantastic! This era really suits you.

  11. Wow I love everything about your photographs, those accessories are so amazing (I'm a massive peacock feather fan) and you look wonderful in that fabulous outfit! Definitely your era!

  12. Thank you for all the wonderful comments. It's a great era to delve into.